Concussion and Training SERIOUS

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Concussion and Training SERIOUS

Postby Manicmayhem11 » Tue Apr 28, 2009 4:20 pm

I have been working on a reserch paper for my english class for a couple months now on concussions in sports and since i do mma i feel like its not a huge currently 2-0 and have not been knockout....i hope i dont ever :shock: lol but i did have one concussion in high school football 3 yrs ago rested a week and no symptoms came back...most athelets lie to there trainers/coachs and tell them there ok when they have been rocked or dazed so trainers let em keep spar or playing..what i learned from my research is how athelets lie about seening stars, blacking out for seconds, or getting dazed and how they are not aware that in medical terms this is considerd a grade 1 concussion. Another thing i learned is how athelets dont used all the proper equipment while training/playing a contact sports such as mouthpiece in at all times taking off helmets training/playing tired or dehydrated... all these increase risk of athelets getting hurt..what i wanted was to get any feedback from anyone with a storys,suggestions or more info on the topic thanks alot......
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Re: Concussion and Training SERIOUS

Postby GladiatorGallemore » Thu Apr 30, 2009 1:33 pm

Lol, well you kinda answered your own question. I can say that being to proud can be damaging in the long run. Thats why I'm glad MMA doesnt have the 8 count.
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