K-1 World Grand Prix Yokohama

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K-1 World Grand Prix Yokohama

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ImageRemy Bonjasky vs Alistair OvereemImage

A K-1 bout that has caught the eye of Kickboxing and MMA fans alike , primarily MMA fighter Alistair Overeem returns to the K-1 rules after his KO of Badr Hari on New Years Eve to take on reigning K-1 Grand Prix Champion Remy Bonjasky. I don’t think I need to go into detail about his last bout. Overeem was pretty impressive in his KO of Hari I must say but Remy is a different kind of animal. He is much better on the defensive side of the game and has some very god technical striking skills ,especially his slick kicks and flying knees. Really , I can see the whole fight just being Remy picking apart the defense of Alistair and landing over and over with hard kicks and knees. Once Overeem is frustrated with the skills of Remy this is when I think Remy can end the fight with a couple good flurries of said combinations. What Alistair brings to the table is more power in his hands and if he connects he will end the fight , but on the technical side hes outclassed by Bonjasky.

Remy via 3rd rd KO


Awesome fight here, probably the fight i’m looking forward to the most on this card as two of K-1’s brightest young stars Gokhan “The Rebel” Saki takes on “The King of the Ring” Tyrone Spong. This fight was thought to be taking place at the It’s Showtime card in May, and as of now it still is, so in May we will see a second meeting of these two kickboxers. But right now they square off in a semi-final bout, the winner moving onto the finals to fight for the belt Badr Hari was (unjustly) stripped of last December. Saki made his debut for K-1 in 2006 and has since had an impressive run in the organization with wins over Ruslan Karaev, Randy Kim, Paul Slowinski, and Ray Sefo with notable losses to Remy Bonjasky and Bjorn Bregy. Last year Saki made it to the Final 4 of the WGP, losing to Remy via brutal flying body kick, also Saki won the K-1 WGP in Hawaii to gain qualification into the Final 16. Spong made his debut for K-1 just last year at the WGP in Amsterdam in a superfight, getting a second round KO, while also last year winning an impressive decision over K-1 veteran Zabit Samedov on an It’s Showtime card. Spong was supposed to fight in reserve against Kenjiro Maeda, but with Karaev pulling out with injury, Spong stepped up as being a pretty talked about kickboxer these days and no doubt we’re all excited about his participation. In this fight, I think it kind of boils down to “too much, too soon” for Spong. While he is only 2 years younger than Saki at 23, he really has not fought the same competiton compared to him, the only real name of note being Samedov. Most people just talk of his potential, yet Gokhan has proven potential and proven wins at the highest level in the sport. Technically, Saki has probably the most devastating low kicks in the upper weightclasses of K-1, right up there with fighters like Bonjasky and his body shots have dropped many foes. A close fight to call, Spong CAN definitely win, but I really don’t see any reason why I wouldn’t pick Gokhan Saki by UD here.

Saki via unanimous decision.

ImageJerome LeBanner vs Ewerton TeixeiraImage

Very hard fight to call ,either man can win this one. No surprises for any outcome to me , as a legend of K-1 Jerome LeBanner takes on the vastly improved Kyokushin fighter Ewerton Teixeira. LeBanner last fought at the K-1 GP FINAL being tko’ed via broken arm to eventual champ Remy Bonjasky in the 3rd round. Ewerton’s last fight also came at that event ,impressing in a close decision loss to the bone crusher Errol Zimmerman. We all know Jerome is a legend and it is sad to see him not have any K-1 GP championships under his belt but he is not the same as he was in his prime either. He still has loads of power and can end a fight with a punch but the younger , quicker Teixeira is here to continue his improvement. Teixeira brings some great kicks to the game , that will be a key factor in this fight. I expect it to be a close one , extra round with Teixeira landing kicks cleanly and not sustaining too much damage for a decision win. I am certainly not counting out Jerome though , you can never do that.

Teixeira via extra rd UD

ImageMelvin Manhoef vs Chalid Die FaustImage

One of the two matches in the four man heavyweight title eliminator, Mikes Gym’s Melvin Manhoef takes on Golden Glory member Chalid Die Faust. Manhoef is coming off a shattering KO of Paul Slowinski while Die Faust is on a four fight losing streak with losses to the likes of Ruslan Karaev and Glaube Feitosa.Winner of this match faces the winner of Tyrone Spong and Gokhan Saki. Should be a somewhat easy fight for Manhoef , he hits like a tank and Die Faust is not up to par with Melvin quite honestly. I’m feeling a first or second round knock out. Manhoef has awesome power and speed on his strikes ,I think it will be a short day for Die Faust. Chalid shouldn’t be too competitive here , I used to give him a chance in his fights but hes blown that now with his last four performances and when you step in with a hungry Manhoef, you need to have more than what he has been offering lately.

Manhoef via 1st rd KO


Peter Aerts steps up to replace Badr Hari to take on another hopeful K-1 prospect in Errol Zimmerman. Zimmerman was the winner of the WGP in Amsterdam last year and had impressive showings of his toughness in his wins over Samedov and Bregy in the tournament. On top of that, he made it to last years Final 4 with wins over Feitosa and Teixeira on route to being brutally KO’d by Badr Hari. His last performance was a failed MMA debut on K-1/MMA hybrid card K-1 Dynamite!!, where he was submitted via toe hold to one of my favourite MMA fighters, Minowaman. Peter Aerts has fought everyone in K-1, no need to run over his resume, and had a relatively impressive 2008 with a stoppage win over Jan Nortje at the WGP in Fukoka, and to everyone’s delight beat Semmy Schilt at the Final 16 via majority decision. Yet, his 2008 did not end well as he had a bad fight with Badr Hari, where he was frustrated and straight up beaten down, the fight ending in a second round TKO for Hari. This fight is definitely a lot closer than people would like it to be, as Zimmerman is now a legit threat to anyone in K-1 and definitely Zimmerman gave Hari more of a fight than Aerts did. Yet, Aerts still has some left to give in my opinion and while Zimmerman is tough as nails and technically sound, Aerts is the better kickboxer and should win a close decision here, while I would not be surprised with either outcome.

Aerts via extra round unanimous decision.


Kyokushin karate world champion and K-1 veteran Glaube Feitosa takes on a once promising prospect in Junichi Sawayashki in a superfight at the WGP in Yokohama. Feitosa is known for his famed “brazilian kicks” and holds one of the best KOs of 2008 over Alex Roberts, and has fought everyone of note in K-1, from Badr Hari to Semmy Schilt. Sawayashiki came to K-1 with a lot of promise and people really started to pay attention after winning a bout against Jerome Le Banner in one of the biggest upsets in K-1 history, yet has done more than slip lately. He is now on a four fight losing streak to Peter Aerts, Musashi, Catalin Morosanu and Jerome Le Banner and faces a stern test ahead in veteran Feitosa. From what I’ve seen of Sawayashiki I see no reason why anyone would pick him here, from losing to Morosanu and Musashi in embarassing performances, he’s just going to get straight owned in this fight, and probably cut soon after. Feitosa is the better kickboxer and much more mentally strong fighter, which has been Sawayashiki’s problem.

Feitosa via second round KO.


Reserve bout here as veteran Keijiro Maeda takes on newcomer Singh Heart Jaideep. I know nothing of Jaideep and where I usually network with people about K-1, no one really seems to know either. Maeda was a finalist in last years WGP in Fukoka, losing a decision to Ewerton Teixeira, yet he is a fighter i’m not too high on. His performance against Mighty Mo was downright shameful, where his gameplan was to run away and low kick the entire time. But, knowing nothing of Jaideep, picking Maeda by UD is an easy call.

Maeda via unanimous decision.

Meyers picks
bonjasky via third round KO
zimmerman via unanimous decision
feitosa via third round KO
teixeira via unanimous decision
manhoef via first round KO
spong via unanimous decision
maeda via unanimous decision

Winner of K-1 Heavyweight belt: Melvin Manhoef defeats Tyrone Spong via third round KO.

Matts picks
bonjasky via third round KO
aerts via unanimous decision
feitosa via second round KO
teixeira via unanimous decision
manhoef via first round KO
saki via unanimous decision
maeda via unanimous decision

Winner of K-1 Heavyweight belt: Melvin Manhoef defeats Gokhan Saki via second round KO.
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