Buakaw to fight Dida in K-1 MAX 2009

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Buakaw to fight Dida in K-1 MAX 2009

Postby meyer1244 » Sun Feb 15, 2009 1:26 pm
Thai fighter Buakaw Por Pramuk has been confirmed that he would fight Brazil's Andre Dida in the upcoming K-1 World MAX despite the earlier report that he was not selected for the event.

Buakaw, a two-time K-1 MAX champion, will fight Brazil's Andre Dida in a "superfight" match at Yoyoki Stadium in Tokyo, Japan, on Monday February 23.

The Thai fighter said he would not underestimate the fight and has announced that he would win the champion title from the event for the third time. He said the Japanese organizer has told him since the beginning of this year to prepare himself for the K-1 match.

Buakaw rose to fame and gained a huge fan base in Japan when he won the K-1 MAX tournaments and become the champion in 2004 and 2006, but he has recently fallen from grace since his defeat by Masato in the 2007 tournament.

The 2009 tournament has selected participants mostly from a pool of Japanese fighters but has also accepted several fighters from other countries such as the Thai Buakaw, Brazil's Dida, South Africa's Andy Ologun, Russia's Sergey Golyaev, and Armenia's Drago.
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Re: Buakaw to fight Dida in K-1 MAX 2009

Postby batangastig » Sun Feb 15, 2009 11:15 pm

tottenham19 wrote:buakaw is going to own him most likely, dida is a good striker but not the best in K-1 MAX, way too much of a brawler to take out someone who is technically as sound as buakaw..

dida's style is better suited for MMA imo.

yeah i agree in that buakaw will prolly take this fight just cuz hes a technically more sound fighter. dida is somewhat a brawler, but he has some power and i would def give him the hands advantage over buakaw. buakaw can sometimes get overconfident with his ever improving boxing skills, and slug with his opponents, but i think the best game plan for him would be go at the legs and ocassionally throw some punching combos. buakaw's best weapon is his experience, which he should use to overwhelm dida.
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