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Second Opinion Submissions

Postby NeoNinja » Wed Aug 07, 2019 12:16 am

You ever watch a fight and think, Why didn't this one fighter do X? i.e. grab and arm, neck, foot, toe, or wrist and twist it a way it's not meant to go?

Violence is a often a tool, and if the objective in the cage is to win as fast as possible, sometimes I wonder why people don't do certain things..

I get it, that you can't eye gouge or do small joint manipulation (right?), but sometimes when I watch fights I (think I) see an opportunity that was not seized, and I wonder why?

For example, Midway through Round 1, it looks like Colby had the opportunity to replace his left arm with his right, under Robbie's chin, and sink in a wicked neck crank to his right, while Robbie's body was facing to the left, away from the cage.

Admittedly, I haven't been in a fight in Colby's position like this, so he would probably know better than I, but why not do a neck crank in this position?

What other unique or unexpected opportunities have you noticed while watching fights, that the fighters did not seem to see, that you think would have made for sick submissions?
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