Was Luke really ever that good?

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Re: Was Luke really ever that good?

Postby Shasto » Thu Jul 11, 2019 1:48 am

I think he is just a little to predictable now. Opponents know that he is primarily a kicker. He only throws round house kicks at that.

Fighters know to just be ready to check his low kicks and elbow block his high kicks and you will neutralized his main weapon. Once his already damaged shin starts aching and bleeding he has no choice but to fall back on his sub par boxing which is primarily a pull hook counter.

Guy needs to start adding some straight left hands in combination with his kicks much like how Cro Cop did. Cro Cop threw left low kicks, left high kicks AND straight lift hands down the middle to stun opponents in stationary blocking stances. I also feel hopping side kicks and flying knees would be easily incorporated into his game. Guy's shin is taking too much of the blunt force.

Working on his boxing defense and offense will take a lot more time and commitment. The aforementioned modifications should not be hard to incorporate to his current skill set.
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