Return Of The King

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Return Of The King

Postby kingomegared » Mon Dec 31, 2018 5:34 pm

Captain's Log 2018:

So i typed much of my annual post at work last night and was going to finish it after i watched Rizin 14 to comment on Mayweather vs Nasukawa. I saw it and now i have commented. moving on...

The internet was down so i couldn't save my post in my email draft and forgot to put it on a USB when i left. I hope this doesn't seem rushed, because it is.

There were multiple times this year i almost came back to make a post about some shit that was going down in MMA. but i Know if i did that then chances are I'd become a regular again on this site. and its not really a bad thing to be honest. being away for 5 years seems long enough, maybe Oscar De La Hoya can convince me to return and humiliate myself...what the fuck was that!? Anyway, thats all yet to be determined. so much to touch on, but i will be mainly focused on giving my opinions on the top of each division in the UFC, talking shit, and mispronouncing fighter's names because its funny. I dont have time to keep up with all the mma thats around these days. much has changed in the past 5 years, i cant keep up. so lets jump right in...


So DJ loses his belt after he tied with Silva for most title defenses...I know Silva officially has 10. But when your opponent misses weight and your belt isn't on the line. Its still a defense in my eyes. Silva beat 11 MW's after winning the belt. Woodly recently brought this up in regards to his own reign. But in any case. back to DJ....he didn't complain about the scoring or his opponent wrestling him. he didn't campaign for a rematch. He said congrats, and signed with ONE championship. I respect it, no other champion would lose a split decision after that kind of reign and not try to get a rubber match with a guy he already beat. I'll touch on my thoughts concerning the Ben Askren Trade in a bit.

With a new champ, we get another champion vs champion match up with Henry So doo-doo vs TJ Dillasnake. I think thats gonna be a dope ass fight. I dont know who wins...I'm leaning towards Dildoshaw, but I'm kind of rooting for Henry. Not just because I'm a fan, but because we've seen enough double champs...its not that big of a deal anymore. But i like this fight. It sucks that they are getting rid of the division but i cant be mad at the UFC. I'ts a numbers game and they weren't pulling their weight...slight pun intended.


How the fuck does TJ keep beating Cody?? I guess I was all aboard the hype train. but okay..he lost. and then what?? is he injured?? i really dont know. he just disappeared. he should change his name from Cody Garbrandt to......what rhymes with Garbrandt?? large ant? dark rant??....fart pants. thats the one. So i wanna see fartpants come back but i dont know if he'll be the same, i think TJ took his soul. And while we're on the subject of Bantamweights who vanish after loosing. lets talk about the last guy fartpants beat. Domick Snooze. I was and am a huge fan of Dominick's style but he just doesn't fight. him and Cain should just start Juicing. Its not like a suspension is going to affect their activity. it'll probably help them stop getting hurt. Dominick getting injured is like Jones getting suspended. It shouldnt even be considered news at this point.


Max motherfuckin Halloway!! I don't know what was going on with this dude this year but shit, he delivered big time. I had no idea how the Ortega fight was gonna play out. I feel like if Connor wants to ever be champ again he'll have to try to make 145 and rematch Max. I don't see it happening though...him making 145 or beating Max again. he got so much better. I need to see Max vs Frankie though. I think Frankie might be able to pull it off. if not, i don't think he'll get mopped up as bad as Ortega. Im rooting for Edgar, i think he can do it one last time. If I'm not mistaken he should be next in line.

Amanda Nunes!! I thought Cyborg was gonna gonna beat the bricks off her. She came out at the bell and not a single fuck was given that night. Cyborg was only able to last 3 seconds longer than Rousey. her last few performances were crazy. first She mauled Tate to win the belt...Humiliated Rousey and sent her to the WWE, (Took an L to Valentina) beat at least 3 good years out of Pennington's life, and then Cyborged Cyborg. what do you want me to say?? i have nothing to say. good day to you ma'am. Keep these hoes on their toes :tup:

:heart: Thug Rose :heart: ....she's just so damn pretty. I forgive her for doing Joanna YoungGayChick so dirty. i almost forgot about her. I havent heard anything about who's she's supposed to be fighting next. maybe she can take a part time job as a ring girl while the division sorts itself out.. Joanna...poor Joanna. even after losing 3 of her last 4 fights she still has a fiery spirit. i love her for that. Rose has her number and Valentina is too much of a boss. I know Amanda is the talk of the town among female fighters since last saturday's fight but lets not forget that she put the beats on Nunes at the end of their first fight and through the entirety of their second fight. Amanda, you're amazing. but you gotta hold that L. Valentina might not be the most dangerous female in the UFC but she sure as hell might be the best. yea, I said it.


Like I said..there are a couple times each year that makes me wanna jump back on and post got motherfuckers smashing bus windows...getting leg locked by cable wires, jumping into the crowd to start a brawl. My last post i believe i predicted that Khabib would be champ this year. it wasnt a bold prediction, plenty of people felt the same. Boney Ferguson is his toughest fight. i wanted to see that more than him vs Conor. until Conor "its only business" mcgregor threw that dolly through the window. i was like "bro what are you doing. you gonna get your ass beat." he tried to get into Khabib's head and succeeded. with that said, i hope Khabib isnt punished too severely. in the end it was all just funny. Conor didnt do anything wrong, yea he threw a punch but you had chaos breaking out in and out of that cage. So to punish him would be ridiculous. I think NSAC's official ruling should be " Case dismissed via 'thats what you get for talking shit" and keep it moving.

theres something about kevin lee that made watching him lose to Al Iaquinta extra enjoyable. Lee should fight Gaychee next. Khabib needs to defend against that weirdo Tony the cable guy Ferguson. Dustin vs AL would be a good scrap. and as for Conor...if he was anyone else he'd fight Barbosa or something but thats not going to happen. my prediction is a fight that i personally dont wanna see and thats him vs Late Diaz. if he's is able to beat Diaz again that will somehow line him up for a title shot, which will be followed by another loss, which will be followed by a retirement and in several years he'll come back and either fight Diaz again or someone who is tailor made for him. dont get me wrong, im not saying he cant win any fights at LW, but the guys he stands the best chance against arent the fights he will take, not because he is afraid. but because him vs Dustin or Barbosa isnt going to do crazy numbers...its only business mate. he built a following that can only be suited by a title reign or super fights. not number 1 contender match ups. i dont believe him vs nate is a super fight but they will convince everyone it is and it will be a # 1 contender match up. time will tell if i'm correct.


i have to admit. i wasn't a big fan of Woodly because his attitude seemed a bit childish and pouty...but damn, i dont know who beats him. and he has a point, Dana continues to talk shit about him for whatever reason. first and foremost, Dana is a girl's name and let not forget that. second, he fights whoever they put in front of him and beats them. when he says who he would like to fight people get upset and he fights whoever the UFC wants. i guess everyone is allowed to have an opinion on his next opponent except him. its weird man. and he also made a point that if he loses there is no way he gets another title shot. he can lose a fight as close as the wonderboy draw and they wont give him another shot. he'll end up in Bellator or ONE championship if he loses the belt. they don't like him for whatever reason. everyone wants to see him KO Trolly Trumpington. but to me its funny if Usman gets the fight, just because Cuntington is so fucking lame that him not getting to fight for the title is better than him fighting for it and getting knocked out.


Two words...Israel Adesanya. Even his name is fucking cool. There's nothing about this guy i dont like, other than the fact that he is about to give my all time favorite fighter a proper beating and send him off into the sunset. But Silva took the fight like a boss, whats left of his torch will be passed to case scenario for me is if it goes to a decision. I wish I wish I wish Bisping was still fighting because he would get demolished by Adesanya. And i always like seeing Bisping lose. Its going to take a very great wrestler or grappler to beat this guy. Jacare, Weidman, Rockhold and Romero are all horrible match ups maybe..but he seems to be rising to the occasion. he reminds me of Jones with his confidence. If he gets the winner of Whitaker and Gastelum, those guys are fucked. he made Derelict Bumson look like a clown. all that experience vs big names and he totally shit himself when he was in front of Adesanya. I hope we see a really dangerous and active guard/ground game when he finally gets put on his back by a legit threat. if he's able to threaten with strikes and subs from his back then the middleweights might as well treat the division like a horse on a chess board and just call it a night.

okay real quick while we're on MW's....lets take a moment to talk Chris Weidman....AKA Cory Winston, AKA, Charles Whitmore, AKA Crisp Wheelkick.... I started purposely fucking up his name on this site and it caught on pretty quick (yea that was me). i was talking so much shit about Silva not being threatened by this fuckin need to dig up any of those old posts :lol: ...since dethroning my Idol back in 2013. I've put a curse on him and hoped he would lose repeatedly by KO. he then went on to snap Silva's shin in half in the rematch and then went on to defend and it looked like he was going to run the division for a long time. until getting beaten to a beautiful pulp by Fluke Cuckhold. Since then he hasn't been the same. This aint even funny anymore. its okay, you can win a fight my dude...god damn. Poor Chris. I'm not mad at you no more bro. just win a fight please. he is still one of the best in the division because even in losing he's never really looked like shit. My magic was just too strong, so he will probably come back and start looking good again now that i have lifted my curse.


Jesus fucking Christ....

with all the controversy surrounding Jon Jones, i dont know why anyone isnt talking about the craziest thing about this dude. so i'll be the one. this guy has been engaged for like 10 years. he must have proposed with a picoring or some shit, because like what the fuck!? but i respect it, that way you can cheat on her all you want and never have to worry about her getting everything in a divorce.

okay so this dude comes on the the shit out of everyone, makes millions, indulges in weed, cocaine, hookers and whatever else and can still come back and KO DC and TKO Gus. steroids or not. who else can do that??....he's living the life i would like to live so i cant sit here and act like i can be appalled by him and talk shit. i respect it, whats there not to respect.

when it comes to his failed drug tests, everything is so random and crazy that i do believe he never intentionally cheated. because he's reckless but i dont think he's stupid. and you have to be stupid to still be juicing if he was juicing the first time he got popped. the issue is too complicated to delve into but in short the UFC and USADA has nothing to gain from having the fight moved to California. Jones isn't a Lesnar, GSP, Mcgregor, or Rousey. he is big but he is also a big liability. USADA deals with the Olympics and other pro sports worth way more than the UFC so why tarnish their rep for Jones?? people talk about the motives but nobody really argues the facts. and from what little I've learned about metabolites while listening and reading about this issue it seems having a metabolite in your system is not the same as having a performance enhancer. it is whats created from the PED but does not give you any benefit. it is used to catch you. almost like a dinosaur fossil. finding a fossil and finding a living dinosaur are two different things. one is evidence that this existed at one time, but has no affects on the surrounding...and the other is a fucking dinosaur....anyway i am as much of an expert as most people who have already made up their minds. but i am a science guy and this situation is so bizarre that i believe Jones is telling the truth. most responses to anything dealing with Jones are emotional responses, and its fair because he has a bad rep which is his own doing. anyway, like i said. I'm a science guy, the earth is round and we are all making it warmer.

that's the short version of why i believe he is not guilty (difference from innocent) but posting something like that and not sticking around to elaborate when challenged is kind of silly so i wont mind signing back on for a discussion about it. not trying to debate, and definitely wont argue because none of us know really. but its an interesting topic that can't be fully expressed in a short post...and with all that said. i wont be surprised if in a few months Gus and Anthony "who me?" smith is fighting for a vacant LHW title. Neither will any of you :lol:


It sucks that DC is retiring because I think he can defend the belt at HW more times than Stipe. Lewis was a gimme fight, Lesnar would be too. a rematch with Stipe would probably end with DC getting his hand raised again. Francis would get demolished. Blades would likely lose as well. I think Cain would lose if they weren't team mates. I don't think Cain is the best HW of all time the way a lot of people do. I just haven't seen enough from him recently. Werdum beats him in a rematch in my opinion, i think Stipe would beat him too. I think he is one of the best, but just not THE best. That still goes to Fedor.

DC is in a really weird position because many people don't consider him to have ever been the best 205 lbs fighter in the world. Its been Jones. I'm glad he beat Stipe, I thought he would. he even told us all how he would do it and Stipe still was caught backing out of the clinch with his hands down. DC is in a lose/lose situation when it comes to Jones. if he doesn't fight him its because he is afraid to take that 3rd loss. if he does fight him he will take that 3rd loss. DC truly believes that he lost to Jones because of steroids so he might get lulled into a 3rd fight. Poor DC. but he has a lot to celebrate, He won a second belt and defended it. And not rematching Stipe with an injured hand was smart. The MSG card needed saving and he did it against a top HW who he could beat with one hand. oh and like Woodly, the UFC does not want Stipe as the champ and since he no longer has the belt it will be interesting in seeing how they justify keeping him out of title contention. He will easily become Bellator champ in the future if he so chooses.

That covers most of what i wanted to talk about. Bellator is doing a lot. Mousasi is still top 3, if not THE best MW in the world. The HW Grand Prix is Fedor's for the taking. He completely tooled Mir and Sonnen. Lets see if he can do the same to Bader. I dont like Bader, never have never will. Oh i almost forgot about Ben Asprin. I really dont know how he'll do in the UFC. Probably really well. I think Lawlor is a tough opponent for him. And lets not forget, He did get absolutely tooled trying to grapple Luis Santos a few years back before that eye poke. Champ vs Champion is loosing its appeal to me. Usually because it ends in a vacated belt. I wanna see someone who can win two belts and defend both of them after winning. DC came the closest but since he was never really the best at 205 it kind of sucks. but also after becoming a double champ i wanna see someone defend both belts, that would be cool.

My other thoughts about 2018.
Wilder lost to Fury
Tito celebrating beating Chuck is almost as sad as the fight itself.
that elbow that Yair Rodriguez landed was possibly the greatest strike i ever seen and both fighters should proudly retire after being rewarded with millions of dollars.
Bring back Louis CK. He's the comedic goat and i don't care who he jerked off in front of.
Lupe Fiasco dropped the hottest album of the year that nobody is talking about.

Last but not least. R.I.P Stan Lee :butthurt:

Happy New year everyone!!!/Lastwurdz

Suicide?? No, I'd rather vacationcide and come back when it gets boring.
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Re: Return Of The King

Postby asdfghjkl » Mon Dec 31, 2018 5:47 pm

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Re: Return Of The King

Postby MiniMan » Mon Dec 31, 2018 8:25 pm

asdfghjkl wrote:TLDR

You clearly don’t understand.

Bedtime for me over the pond, checked in to see the Captain’s Log.

Tradition is everything. ❤️
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Re: Return Of The King

Postby PBells » Mon Dec 31, 2018 8:37 pm

The New Year literally cannot start until kingo's annual post

Re: Return Of The King

Postby philphan » Mon Dec 31, 2018 9:46 pm

PBells wrote:The New Year literally cannot start until kingo's annual post
Shuck wrote:Shame on me, I doubted Shucky, Time To Shine his Gina :bronze: ... Or Else :-?


ps. Fack Biden :fu: , Fack Khamala :fu: , Fack Obuma :fu: Fack Hillary :fu: u, Fack The Vaccine :fu: ..

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Re: Return Of The King

Postby KingOfPancrase » Mon Dec 31, 2018 10:41 pm

I should start doing a new years eve post. I got a lot of problems with you people and now you're going to hear about it.
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Re: Return Of The King

Postby slevin » Tue Jan 01, 2019 10:00 am

IMO Israel Adesanya would waste both Rockhold and Weidman. Romero is a tough fight, but those three fighters should move up to LHW, where they would have a field day with the competition.
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Re: Return Of The King

Postby DeceptaCon » Wed Jan 02, 2019 11:47 pm

So what did you think about the legit exhibition bout that everyone knew Floyd was going to win?

Are you ready for the last great deception?
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