Sleep Paralysis

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Sleep Paralysis

Postby anton14 » Wed Feb 11, 2015 9:34 am

Well seeing as how the moment passed a few hours ago it's hard to remember everything in full detail but I'll explain in the best way I can.

I was having a dream, an odd dream, a journey through a desolate house if I recall. It's really in a haze really, maybe my mind being distraught is making it up as I go. I'm not sure. Should of wrote it down or something so everything wouldn't be in such a blur.

Anyway, I remember the dream distinctly fading and for some reason the only thought that came to mind was aliens. It just felt like my body was suddenly captivated along with a lingering feeling as if I was being watched. I was no longer in control of myself. I was now on my bed, looking straight at the ceiling. Total darkness, with a glimmer of light coming from the creaked door. I tried to move, as you normally would after waking from an odd dream, but to my disbelief I could not move for the life of me. I was in a total state of paralysis.

I looked around helplessly (with just my eyes of course), unsure whether or not I was still dreaming or getting ready to be anal probed. The more I tried to move, the more I couldn't. It's as if being stuck in quick sand with the more you resist the more it engulfs you. The more I tried to move a terror slowly crept up my spine and started to overtake me. In a matter of seconds a terror just overwhelmed me. I never felt to be in any imminent danger but there was a definite growing feeling of terror. Was it the aliens? Or was it the fact that I'm frozen and in state of total vulnerability? I don't know, just know what I felt.

The only other distinct thing about it that I remember was my dog was looking straight at me. My girlfriend's dog, a Mini Pomeranian named Bella, I let her sleep on my bed with me. She just kept looking at me. Maybe out of confusion as to what the fuck I was doing or irate that I woke her from her sleep. But she just kept looking at me as if a cat would look at you for the last time before the creature takes your soul in your sleep. I hate cats. So through this, the only other thought on my mind was a feeling of great terror but also an odd peculiar feeling that I have felt something like this before. Maybe because I have heard stories?

Now, I'm a bit of a skeptic so all this talk of Pomeranians and Aliens will have me telling my self WTF and slowly backing out of the room and checking myself into the nearest mental hospital. So if you want you can take this all with a grain of salt and take it for what it is, crazy talk from a guy having a weird dog and alien fetish dream. I would not blame you. But I know what I felt. I'm the type of person that must see it or feel it in order to believe it. To that extent, I remembered stories of family and friends talking about not being able to get out of bed or being suffocated by an invisible force. Stuff you tell little children around a campfire. So I did what any intelligible person would do in the 21st century, Googled that shit.

To my surprise, apparently it is much bigger than I originally had thought. There are tons of historical references of these occurrences in countless cultures. From Succubus and hag to Kanashibari and Suk Ninmyo. Honestly though, a little succubus action doesn't sound that half bad. But what really struck with me was the amount of science behind it and the amount of mysteriousness that is still associated with sleep paralysis.

Now I have said that I'm surprised this has not happened to me before, and I'm not lying I don't know how I have not experienced something like this way sooner. Sleep paralysis has a strong link to narcolepsy and OSA (obstructive sleep apnea). Now I have never been diagnosed with either but since as long as I can remember doctors would always tell me how I have an enlarged tonsil. Apparently it was the reason I would have earaches and a bad case of tonsillitis when I was a child. Doctors would ask if I wanted them removed but I never got the procedure done. To this day I still have them, and apparently I snore incredibly loud and have very erratic breathing patterns. Sometimes my girlfriend, before my family, would wake me up because they think I have stopped sleeping at night. Add that along with the fact that I usually have a very inconsistent sleep schedule and would work out before bed, I don't know how this never happened before.

So after reading about my ailment for a bit and hearing other people's accounts on their experiences I feel confident that I wasn't crazy. I not only have history and numerous accounts on my side I also have one of the most undisputed sources to help me reclaim my sanity. I got science Bitch!

Saying all this, it still doesn't feel real. Something so peculiar and strange. Maybe it's why I had to write this post hours after the events that have transpired. I still haven't went back to bed. I'm dead tired. Everything just felt like a story, maybe that's why it was better to explain this as a story, because honestly that's what it is. A story. A story of how our deepest terrors can manifest and alter the mind to create it's own world.

For most it was spirits, strange looking men, or voices. For me, it was aliens overlooking my body with a little bitch enjoying the show. Idk. Everyone is different.

So what is it to you. Am I crazy? Did what I experience was real? Or was it like what the once late great Biggie once said, "It was all a Dream".
"Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive."
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Re: Sleep Paralysis

Postby DeceptaCon » Tue Mar 03, 2015 11:03 pm

Sometimes your mind can wake up before your body and you just have to wait, that's all. Like rebooting a computer the hardware takes time to work, It happens to me all the time when I'm coming off a bender, I can see trails when I wave my hand in front of my face, I'll have lucid dreams, you get used to it after a while. Now I like the feeling of paralysis, its almost the same as kind bud, I just sit there and observe the room and go back to sleep, I can also reanimate my dreams like a stream, I can pause, stop or start playing my dreams where I left off. I can consciously manipulate my dreams while I'm asleep, kinda like a choose your own adventure book. Like Ozzy Osbourne once said," I'm just a dreamer, I dream my life away, I'm just a dreamer, Who dreams of better days."

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Re: Sleep Paralysis

Postby TaeKwonDolt » Mon Jun 01, 2015 8:56 am

The craziest one I've ever had with sleep para was I got up and went to the bathroom out of my body, and came back to seeing my self sleeping there on the bed with my high school girlfriend.

Then i was back in my body staring at the ceiling and got the sensation I couldn't breathe, only to realize that my breath was controlling itself, and my body wasn't in tune with my consciousness.

Very mind bending experiences, but usually its a simple brain wave thing. Your frequency when you're in REM is much different than when you're conscious, and if you beat it to the punch in the late hours of your sleep cycle, this happens.
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Re: Sleep Paralysis

Postby EvilGorilla69+1 » Thu Nov 23, 2017 4:40 am

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