The UFC’s new TUF format

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Soft move or Boss move?

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The UFC’s new TUF format

Postby bruins2012 » Sat Nov 04, 2017 4:16 am

With the show’s ratings being abysmal they need to change up the way the show is presented and it’s current format.Instead of having guys fighting to get into the UFC, why not just make it an open competition to all UFC fighters?

Inform the fighters that anyone who doesn’t currently hold a belt can enter the house and fight in a tournament where the winner gets $500,000. With the fighter pay still being relatively low, I bet there would be an ample amount of fighters willing to move into the TUF house to chase the money.

Soft move or boss move; opening up the TUF house to all UFC fighters (who don’t hold a belt) in order to win a sizable amount of cash in a UFC tournament?

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