Are Bruce Lee Workouts Outdated Now?

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Are Bruce Lee Workouts Outdated Now?

Postby PunchKickScrew » Wed Nov 12, 2014 11:10 pm

Hey guys. Me and my boys were watching "Enter the Dragon" and talking about Bruce Lee's training routines. That movie got me hyped and I wanted to switch up my training a bit, so I just started a Bruce Lee workout I found online for strength training. It's at It breaks everything down well, but is his routine from the 70s too outdated or will it still work? Bruce Lee seemed to keep it simple with the routines. And I see on the workout site that he had a strict diet ( with these random supplements (like inositol and acerola-c) that I've never heard of before, too. Does that work now or was it a fad from back in the day? Bruce was also insane with training, so should I even try it? Is it good for MMA? Any suggestions?
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