Bench 270kg 595lb x 2

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Re: Bench 270kg 595lb x 2

Postby warriorxv » Thu Mar 07, 2013 11:07 pm

timbercutter wrote:
detfilteg wrote:
BerzerkerJr wrote:Raw power def.... u dont press 270 upward that fast just like that.... it tends to weight a little.

Yes I understand that, however it seemed as if timber was saying that would be a problem in a competition.

In a RAW Bench comp the bar is lowered to your chest ( must actually touch the chest) and you wait for the judge to say "press"....usually it's a very ,very, very short delay like maybe a 1/4 second...otherwise it can seriously fuck up ur Serk says, if ya bounce it, it would get flaged right away...In RAW there are 3 judges for each press attempt...2 of them must signal a good lift for it to count......

thanks, didn't know that.
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