Some Advice on what could be improved upon

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Some Advice on what could be improved upon

Postby etcempacher » Fri Oct 14, 2011 10:36 am

Hi guys i was fighting in a show 2 weeks ago in my university. Amateur mma, no head shots, 2 rounds * 2 mins. I have trained Muay Thai for 3 years and had a few anateur thai fights, so the lack of head shots did confuse me a little. I have trained mma once a week for 6 weeks prior to the fight as thai is still my main focus. But I've followed it religiously so i found the positions natural in training so i was able to pick up quite a bit. So any advice on what i could do better would be appreciated.

Here is a video of round 2 + 3 im the small guy in blue shorts with a belly ( summer = beer time )

This is a done by the film soc so better higher angle just some highlights from 6:45 to 8:00

Any advice would be appreciated, just an area im beginning to branch into. Thanks!
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Re: Some Advice on what could be improved upon

Postby beastman4 » Mon Oct 31, 2011 4:21 pm

You need to work on your transitions and position on the ground. Remember: Position before submission. The more time you spend working on the ground the more it will become second nature. Besides that lookin good. What University is that? I need to transfer there. :biggrin:
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Re: Some Advice on what could be improved upon

Postby daaalvarado » Thu Feb 16, 2012 4:43 pm

You could have taken the guys back couple of times. The back is the safest way to attack someone specially backmount.
The armbar attempt was very sloppy, you sat back before you had the arm locked, next time you try to do an armbar remember to have the arm locked before you go leave the mount to finish the submission.

Leave a dominant position only to transition to a more dominant one or if you are 100 percent sure you can finish the submission.

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Re: Some Advice on what could be improved upon

Postby FEAR » Mon Mar 05, 2012 3:14 am

In the very beginning around :17, you secure mount, nice. after that you transitioned to the armbar from a position that from the camera view wasn't entirely good at all. What seemed to happen is that you attacked his left arm when he had it tucked, good for him, BAD for you to attack the arm. He appears to slip out the attacked arm and rolls, which you reply with latching onto his opposite arm. This can create an opportunity for the omoplata submission. something like this:

But you went for the other valid option of going for the triangle choke. Problem being shin pads SUCK for that specific move. It was a good transition, but for a triangle choke you have to switch your focus for hands. If the triangle is loose like that(0:30), your hands should immediately be placed on his head to pull him into the triangle. Also PERPENDICULAR ANGLES ARE AMAZING FOR TRIANGLES!:

But since it seemed like you were about to fall off the ring, the ref restarted the fight. You took him down, he secured guard, you got postured up and then pushed on his leg with your hand. <- be careful with that. If he secures control of that hand and quickly opens his guard, that's a triangle for him (then again this is assuming that you don't recognize this danger and he actually moves his hand more than 6 inches from his body to reach for it) On the other hand if this is a tactic to trick him to remove his blocking arm, good on ya :biggrin: . However some good guard breaks are to either put your elbow on the inside of his leg and apply downward pressure:*nogi version is hand on hip and the other hand on his body. **KEY thing for this is the leg movement.

skip to 3min. if you don't want to watch the whole thing
theres also a marcelo garcia version that he has in his second book.

Then you get stood up and you take mount in like 4 seconds. que up song "it feels good to be a gangsta". (1:35) anyway in that takedown you could have gone for seat belt control:Image into a arm triangle, but that would require a) a perfect world b) to have the reflexes of a ninja.(I've tried to do this while rolling and it doesn't stick, if you try it in the future and works for you please tell me any modifications you use).

You secure mount and then go for that armbar, but quickly go back to mount and pound on him. By the way there's this nice submission called the Ezekiel choke:

Next round:
(3:30) you move around a little and start singling out that arm for a kimura and then secure mount. At this point North/South position like 10 times better than what mount could provide for you. You get stood up, take him down again. (4:00) you look for a kimura. Kimuras are nice, but when your opponent has his arms that close to his body it's difficult. Again, North/South seems like a better position for you in this fight. also:
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Re: Some Advice on what could be improved upon

Postby Fearless6691 » Mon Mar 05, 2012 4:11 am

Sweet post Fear. The rules really benefit a grappler, so I would work on that, and conditioning.
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