Clinch throws (Greco or judo)

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Re: Clinch throws (Greco or judo)

Postby irishjudoka » Thu Mar 10, 2011 4:15 pm

LordDucon wrote:Excellent demo of Te-guruma, judo's equivalent of free wrestling's double leg :
Also a power move but more prudent when done properly, because one should attack with the back straight, therefore diminishing the risk of being sprawled when shooting.

no morote gari is judo's equivalent of a double leg. te gruma is a good throw to use tho.
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Re: Clinch throws (Greco or judo)

Postby LordDucon » Sat Apr 02, 2011 8:26 pm

There's no perfect match for wrestling's double-leg takedown in judo, but I believe te-guruma is much more similar to it than morote-gari. In morote-gari you rush foward, with your head down (and thus making yourself vulnerable to being sprawled, which sucks), using the knee of your front leg to scissor in, then sweeping the legs of your opponent on each side, and ending up in most instances in your opponent's guard (wich is bad) :
In te-guruma you close distance with you're back straight (stronger position vs sprawl), using the knee of your back leg to break posture (kuzushi), then gain control of your opponent's hips with your arm, sweaping his hips to the side, in a circular lifting motion, and ending up in most intances in side control (wich is good) : ... re=related
Anyway... just my view on it.
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