Rodrigo Medieros Seminar

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Rodrigo Medieros Seminar

Postby ThirdCoastCombat » Thu Nov 19, 2009 11:22 pm

Rodrigo came in to town for the weekend and did a seminar for all of Tim's students. I'm in the black gi on the right side. Not the white belt with the black gi all the way in the corner, the second one. I'm bending over not kneeling. Rodrigo is in the blue gi in the middle of the back row, Tim (Creuder) is the tall bastard next to him in the white gi. Micah Lopez is one of Tim's black belts, and he's in the camo gi on the other side of Rodrigo.

I'm at the library right now but I have some more/better pics on my computer at home that i will throw up when i get the chance. If anyone ever gets the chance to train with Rodrigo, don't miss out. He's on another level its amazing.

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