Pacman could move up to 140 after Diaz

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Pacman could move up to 140 after Diaz

Postby batangastig » Fri May 23, 2008 9:34 pm

This was said during a presser in Chicago for the Diaz-Pacquiao fight on June 28:

“I don’t want to underestimate David,” said Pacquiao. “He is very strong fighter.”

He went on to explain how Diaz’ style compliments his:

“We have similar styles. He likes to come in throwing punches and that is what I like to do.”

He finished off by assuring everybody that this will be a great fight and thanking his supporters.

Many fight fans are hoping to see a third meeting with Juan Manuel Marquez, but that may not materialize any time soon, as Freddie Roach implied another possible move north in weight class.

“We are going to see how he handles this weight,” said Roach. “If he does well, we may be looking at a fight at 140 pounds against Ricky Hatton.”
These are big plans, but they first need to get past Diaz, who also spoiled Morales’ quest for a championship in four divisions.

- man pac really wants this fight with hatton, and i wont be surprised if this fight happens after the Diaz fight. I know i would love to see him fight marquez again, but not over a possible hatton-pac fight, maybe next time marquez.
Floyd is going to fight oscar, and if history repeats itself, floyd may win again.
The winner in the fight between coto-marg will most likely fight the winner in the oscar-floyd, which would prolly be cotto-floyd.
Pac will most likely fight Hatton after Diaz at 140.
So it wouldn't be impossible to say that the winner between the cotto-floyd fight would face the winner of the hatton-pac fight.
I know im dreamin a little too hard here, but its a possibilty guys.
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Re: Pacman could move up to 140 after Diaz

Postby mamith » Tue Jun 17, 2008 2:54 am

Boys cold blooded
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