MMA Lineal LW champions

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MMA Lineal LW champions

Postby EvilGorilla69+1 » Sun May 27, 2018 8:27 am

check out that lightweight lineal situation. shit is crazy.

1990-01-13 Yuichi Watanabe WIN Kazuhiro Sakamoto

1990-05-12 Yuji Ito WIN Yuichi Watanabe

1992-03-27 Tomohiro Tanaka WIN Yuji Ito

1992-07-23 Naoki Sakurada WIN Tomohiro Tanaka Sakurada leaves division.

1994-05-06 Yuki Nakai WIN Kyuhei Ueno Vacant title. Top-contender matchup.
1994-11-07 Yuki Nakai WIN Kazuhiro Kusayanagi
1995-01-21 Yuki Nakai WIN Hiroaki Matsutani Nakai leaves division.

1995-07-05 Wander Braga WIN Luiz Fraga Vacant title. Top-contender matchup.
1995-09-12 Wander Braga WIN Leandro Heck Gembo
1996-11-01 Wander Braga WIN Johnny Eduardo
1996-11-01 Wander Braga WIN Ailton dos Santos
1998-06-12 Wander Braga WIN Euclide Ourico
1998-06-12 Wander Braga WIN Marco Antonio
1998-06-12 Wander Braga WIN Milton de Castro Braga goes inactive.

2002-01-11 Jens Pulver WIN B.J. Penn Vacant title. Top-contender matchup.
2002-06-29 Jens Pulver WIN Robert Emerson

2003-01-25 Duane Ludwig WIN Jens Pulver
2003-04-25 Duane Ludwig WIN Genki Sudo Ludwig leaves Lightweight.

2005-09-25 Takanori Gomi WIN Tatsuya Kawajiri Vacant title. Top-contender matchup.
2005-12-31 Takanori Gomi WIN Hayato Sakurai

2006-04-02 Marcus Aurelio WIN Takanori Gomi

2006-06-04 Mitsuhiro Ishida WIN Marcus Aurelio
2006-08-26 Mitsuhiro Ishida WIN Cristiano Marcello
2006-11-05 Mitsuhiro Ishida WIN David Bielkheden

2006-12-31 Takanori Gomi WIN Mitsuhiro Ishida Gomi’s 2nd reign.
2007-02-24 Takanori Gomi NC Nick Diaz
2008-03-05 Takanori Gomi WIN Duane Ludwig
2008-08-24 Takanori Gomi WIN Seung Hwan Bang

2008-11-01 Sergey Golyaev WIN Takanori Gomi

2009-01-04 Eiji Mitsuoka WIN Sergey Golyaev
2009-08-02 Eiji Mitsuoka WIN Clay French

2009-11-07 Kazunori Yokota WIN Eiji Mitsuoka

2009-12-31 Tatsuya Kawajiri WIN Kazunori Yokota

2010-07-10 Shinya Aoki WIN Tatsuya Kawajiri
2010-09-25 Shinya Aoki WIN Marcus Aurelio
2010-10-24 Shinya Aoki WIN Yokthai Sithoar
2011-04-09 Shinya Aoki WIN Lyle Beerbohm
2011-05-29 Shinya Aoki WIN Rich Clementi
2011-09-24 Shinya Aoki WIN Rob McCullough
2011-12-31 Shinya Aoki WIN Satoru Kitaoka

2012-04-21 Eddie Alvarez WIN Shinya Aoki
2012-10-12 Eddie Alvarez WIN Patricky Freire
2013-11-02 Eddie Alvarez WIN Michael Chandler

2014-09-27 Donald Cerrone WIN Eddie Alvarez
2015-01-03 Donald Cerrone WIN Myles Jury
2015-01-18 Donald Cerrone WIN Ben Henderson
2015-05-23 Donald Cerrone WIN John Makdessi

2015-12-20 Rafael dos Anjos WIN Donald Cerrone

2016-07-07 Eddie Alvarez WIN Rafael dos Anjos Eddie Alvarez’s second reign.

2016-11-12 Conor McGregor WIN Eddie Alvarez

Read more at ... rOsGTxl.99

Conor = Lineal LW champ. ;)

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