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Re: Judo.

Postby Glass Jaw » Tue Jun 12, 2012 10:37 pm

KeyboardPacifist wrote:
irishmike357 wrote:
Glass Jaw wrote:You have a great sense of aggression. I like that you constantly attack. Don't lose that sense of aggression.

I think I was reading about Kimura and he said when he started he was smaller and weaker than his opponents and had poor defense, so he constantly attacked so they would have to be on the defense all the time and that helped him win a lot early on.

(Might not have been Kimura though)

Great job OP, stick with it; Judo is awesome.

I don't think it was Kimura, but it may have been his mentor...

10 Do's and Don'ts in Learning Judo

By Yoshitsugu Yamashita

The First 10th Degree Black Belt

2) First learn offensive. You will see that defense is included in offensive. You will make no progress learning defense first.


I think... if you have weak grips - you should definitely learn it. But.. I also see guys at the brown belt level really stall their progress by spending a ton of time trying to progress their "offense" with kumi kata .. rather than stick to fundamental combos, off-balance ... Neil Adams has ranted plenty of times on this subject. :wink:

I do agree with minimanukuk that you should practice breaking off the superior grip an opponent gets on you.

(this may sound contradictory to my first statment) ...You can get great off-balancing with superior grips. That's for sure. But there more fundamental methods such as the push-pull concepts and others...

Seconding that learning one or two grip breaks is always a good for anyone regardless of level.

One thing my coach tells everyone about grip fighting isnt to worry about it, I am completely buthering what he said but the jist of it is, you should be able get your basic grip and land a throw without using any fancy gripping gimmicks, even if uke is fighting back and trying their damnest to stop your grip, focusing to much on grip fighting like keyboard was alluding to, distracts you from the bigger picture. If you have good fundamentals u can still throw
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Re: Judo.

Postby KeyboardPacifist » Wed Jun 13, 2012 5:20 pm

before this enters into the realm of "forget about-threads"...
I just wanted to tell the OP (t.a.Murder) - keep it up.

whatever you do, don't be afraid of failure or losing. I can't think of a better to fast track onto the 'win' path. You learn best when you have to get honest. Losing matches either makes you quit competing (and make excuses) or makes you change and grow.

protect your health above all. Don't knucklehead your way through uchikomi.. drill with precision and purpose. Don't try and kill your partner in randori. You are merely shadowboxing - with a shadow that appears to matter. You teach your partners how to train with you (and vice versa). You get no medal for 'beating' them. Best them and then make them better (and more difficult to beat) -- get best'd and ask them how to get better. Protect your joints. Peace.
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lol... mma-math works in real life ?
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