Forum Rules (Must Read)

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Forum Rules (Must Read)

Postby Baby Norris » Thu Mar 08, 2012 5:06 pm


Our forum prides itself on being known as one of the friendliest MMA sites on the Internet, we have members from around the world, male and female, with ages from the very young to grandparents. This is an MMA forum you can enjoy with your wife/girlfriend or your child. Help us keep it this way by following these very simple rules. Breaking any of the following rules may result in an in-thread warning, formal warning, or immediate ban based on the moderator's discretion.

1. No insulting or harassing other members. This includes, but is not limited to, direct personal insults, racist remarks, degrading a member's nationality, sexual harassment, religious persecution, or any of the above via private message. The derogatory terms faggot, cunt, cock sucker, etc. directed at anyone is not allowed here.

2. No posting pornography. This includes pictures and links to pornographic material.

3. Multiple registrations are prohibited. If a member is found to have multiple accounts any extraneous accounts will be deleted. If a member is found to be posting using a proxy, the user will be warned and/or banned as the moderator team sees fit.

4. No spamming. We are a privately owned site and all advertising must be approved by the ownership. Posting a link to your website in your signature is acceptable but any post or thread that serves no other purpose than to advertise goods or services that are not pre-approved by the sites owners will be deleted. This also includes posting a large amount of off-topic posts that don't add to the conversation in order to simply up your post count and get a "better belt colour", also known as "Belt Hunting".

5. Instructions of the moderator team must be followed at all times. If you feel that you are being unfairly treated by a moderator please contact a global moderator (green name) or administrator (red name) via private message with your concerns.

6. No fighter bashing, no promoter bashing, no organization bashing, no group bashing and no MMA personality bashing. You can say you do not like any of these people or organizations and show disdain but saying "F$&K" them or other extreme insults will be considered bashing.

7. Do not post or ask for streams for pay per view or subscriber based cable events.

8. No Trolling. This includes but is not limited to; just going through the forum causing problems, looking for problems, posting useless or post count building posts(+1,IB4L, Cool Story Bro, U Mad?), Random pictures or gifs that are unrelated to the topic or do not add to the discussion.

9. Signatures currently have a maximum size of 400x300 pixels and the moderator team reserves itself the right to demand the removal of any signatures it considers to be inappropriate. Sexually themed pictures are strictly prohibited. No more than 3 images in a sig, but only if they are small enough to be placed side by side. NO stacking images on top of each other. No sig should take up more space in height than an embedded youtube video, but no actual youtube videos please.

10. Use **Spoilers** in thread title to warn people, for at least 24 hours after a fight. Building a habit of not adding spoiler or making a random post in another topic that spoils the fight will go from getting you warned to a ban very quickly. This goes for your signatures also, changing your Sig 5 mins after a fight to say fighter "X" beat fighter "Y", or adding a gif of the fight is the same as a spoiler. This also goes for Sig betting. Nothing that will give away the fight results for 24hrs.

11. No posting gifs from "Penn/Edgar 3." The fight never happened. It is misleading and will get you banned.

Enjoy your stay,

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