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Foreman knows grills

Postby philphan » Tue Feb 23, 2021 11:29 am

Morning Report: Boxing great George Foreman believes Conor McGregor can beat Manny Pacquiao in boxing ... -in-boxing

Early last year, Manny Pacquiao signed with Paradigm Sports, the longtime management firm of Conor McGregor. Since then, rumors have circulated that McGregor was going to return to boxing to take on the boxing legend, and another boxing great thinks it’s a great idea.

George Foreman is a former Olympic gold medalist, two-time lineal heavyweight champion, and a member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame. Though he is best known for his “George Foreman Grill,” and losing to Muhammad Ali in “The Rumble in the Jungle,” Foreman had a storied career in boxing and later went on to serve as an analyst on HBO’s boxing coverage team for over a decade. So given his deep well of experience in the sport, it’s safe to say that Foreman knows a thing or two about boxing, and recently, “Big George” suggested that McGregor make the move to the squared circle permanently.

“It’s hard for McGregor to accept it but he’s a better puncher than he is in MMA,” Foreman told The Irish Mirror. “I’d rather see him in boxing matches now.”

Foreman’s statement comes on the heels of McGregor’s recent loss to Dustin Poirier at UFC 257. In the fight, McGregor admits to being unprepared for the calf kicks Poirier employed, which gave him serious trouble and which McGregor credits as being the difference maker in the fight. Obviously, moving to boxing would render such things moot and take away the other aspect of MMA generally considered to be McGregor’s weakness, grappling. The problem for McGregor though is that a full-time move to boxing would only be short-lived as it’s widely assumed most professional fighters would beat him, given the fact that he’s not actually a professional boxer. However, Foreman thinks those assumptions are wrong.

“I think if he has a fight with Pacquiao he can actually beat him – good rules, over 10 rounds, McGregor can beat him,” Foreman continued. “He’s already adjusted to boxing, he’s not going to do good in MMA anymore. Pacquiao is very good as a matter of fact, but McGregor can beat him in a boxing match.”

McGregor does have some experience in boxing, having fought Floyd Mayweather in “The Money Fight” back in 2017. That bout resulted in a 10th-round TKO for Mayweather but earned McGregor respect from many for his performance against a vastly superior foe. However, it’s unlikely that McGregor repeats this feat, at least for now. Following his loss to Poirier, the former two-division UFC champion has declared his interest in a trilogy fight with “The Diamond” and UFC President Dana White has appeared receptive to the idea. Still, if you’re McGregor, it’s always good to have options.
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