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Postby batangastig » Mon Apr 20, 2009 4:25 pm

those of you who were members of boxlinker know how much of a fan i am towards great body punchers other than the once that manny pacquiao is fighting. both clottey and cotto should have won their fights with marg. i really dont know who is going to win this fight, but i think im leaning towards cotto on this one. clottey is a very underrated fighter especially his defense, which is rock solid, but i think its in his defense which will pose some problems for the african fighter. clottey likes to put his hands up and tire out his opponent then release those body punches, but i beleive that cotto's accurate body punches and amazing power will break that defense of clottey's. speed is the only factor that can been cotto (pacquiao and mayweather :lol: ), and i dont think clottey's speed is something to get scared off in cotto's camp. so cotto by dec.
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