Both Diaz Brothers Always Been Overated

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Re: Both Diaz Brothers Always Been Overated

Postby KingOfPancrase » Sat Feb 08, 2020 7:32 pm

EvilGorilla69+1 wrote:
reasontat2 wrote:
EvilGorilla69+1 wrote:Nate was coming back at the end of round 3.dnt know which mmodd is typing this shit instead of reason,but thats weak as fook. U all suck and know nothing about fighting spirit. Nate was ready to take over.

Try tennis,fruitcakes


U misspelled: ' the realest'

Yeah Ken Shamrock was coming back at the end of round 3 against Tito Ortiz too...if only his corner hadn't thrown in the towel

That's how ridiculous all you Diaz was coming back people sound. Dude got his shit pushed in :lol:
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Re: Both Diaz Brothers Always Been Overated

Postby CARVER » Mon Feb 10, 2020 3:18 pm

Mr Meow wrote:
PBells wrote:Have either of the Diazes been hailed as a future GOAT, hall-of-famer, 3-division champ, etc. while being a one-dimensional striker with shit cardio? No? Huh...

Conor is the main reason why UFC has devolved into the liberal sport that you and I both hate, KOP.

Plus a subpar ground game and no heart. Don't forget he is a cheater too. Barboza, Johnson, Poirer, all took the beating like a man and tried to reverse course within the framework of the fight.

Sadly Conor chose option B instead of the option A of fighting like a man and elected to try to see how many fouls he could get away with before he got disqualified or used the unfair advantage gained from the cheating to win the fight.

Clearly he knew what we all knew which is that he could not fight Khabib straight up and have a chance to win.

Conor and Ronda combined turned the UFC to this pussy ass nerfed out version that it is right now. Now we have dorks like Colby trying to be shitty dollar store pro wrestling gimmicks, events every weekend that nobody cares about and refs jumping in to stop the fight at the earliest convenient time.

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