(Signed Stephan Bonnar page from the official UFC 127 program, courtesy of Jason Moles. You want it? Then go donate. More photos after the jump.) In less than two weeks, our Fight for ALF campaign to raise money for AngryLittleFeet’s medical expenses has raised $2,090, or about 42% of our $5,000 goal. That’s friggin’ incredible, and we want to thank everybody who has donated to our efforts. So far, our only incentives for donation ”” besides the warm feeling you get from helping a human being who deserves it ”” have been CagePotato t-shirts for a $50 pledge, and a vague promise of a cam-show from BG or Karma to whoever donates a thousand bucks. (Still looking for our first rich pervert.)  But me and Jason Moles came up with a much better idea the other day. Basically, it goes like this… – If you have any cool MMA memorabilia that you’re willing to part with (signed posters, rare videos, fight-worn gear, etc.), email [email protected] with a description of the item and a photo if possible. – After a week or so, we’ll pick out the ten best submissions, and rank them in order based on quality. Special thanks to Moles for submitting the first item, a UFC 127 program autographed by Punkass, KenFlo, Arianny [I think], Palmer and a few of the fighters from that card. – At the end of our 60-day fundraising drive, these ten pieces of MMA memorabilia will be awarded as prizes to the top donors, in order of the size of their donations. So: If you have some killer MMA artifacts to donate, let me know. And if you haven’t kicked in a few bucks to CagePotato’s Fight for ALF yet, please do so right here. Keep in mind that the leading donation is currently $500, which came from a giant-hearted member of the MMA industry who wishes to remain anonymous. (But we know who this person is, and dude, we can’t tell you how much that meant to us.) PREVIOUSLY: Donate to CagePotato’s Fight for ALF and Help Support Laura angrylittlefeet Nicholson’s Fight Against Cancer