Following the UFC 158 post-conference held in Montreal this past Saturday, reporters caught up with Dana White as he discussed his thoughts on Nick Diaz‘s future, his tax situation, and Georges St. Pierre’s performance.

One reporter took it upon himself to ask White if he was sad about Diaz’s uncertain future as he contemplates retirement. White said, “Nick has been in the game for a long time. If you saw his paycheck tonight you wouldn’t feel too sad for him. At the end of the day Nick has been in the sport forever. He wanted a shot at the title, he got his shot at the title and he got paid a lot of money for it.”

Diaz surprisingly showed up at the end of the post-conference that he claimed he would not attend, and at one point stated that he might go to jail because he has never paid taxes. White said, “What’s sad is that he better go pay his taxes as soon he gets that check. There is a guy I have been talking to for a while who is his and Nate’s lawyer. I’ll probably give this guy a call and tell him Nick said that he has never paid taxes in his life and you might want to start on that Sunday morning not Monday morning.”

When asked about St. Pierre’s performance White said, “GSP fought his fight. People are going to say whatever their going to say about GSP because people love to hate on his performances, but he had a great performance tonight. Georges St. Pierre stood up with him. They stood and they traded and Georges got a lot of the better of the deal most of the time. He took him to the ground when he wanted to, he controlled him on the ground. Nick has great jiu-jitsu and Georges stayed out of submissions. Georges went in there and did his work. I don’t know how hard he was hitting him but he was hitting him and he was scoring points. ”

I think it’s time for Diaz to retire. His head doesn’t seem to be in the right place anymore, he’s constantly questioning retirement, and if you look at the welterweight division, there are so many great wrestlers who can consistently beat Diaz on the scorecards. He has the money now, he needs to settle his tax issues, open up his own gym and begin coaching. It’s time for him to stop stressing about fighting, and attempt to enjoy life.