Every now and then a fight gets floated, which from a rankings perspective may not make a ton of sense, but that nearly every fan wants to see regardless. Does a bout between Cung Le and Anderson Silva fall into this category? Yes, yes it does, and Le is reportedly interested in making it happen.

Le participated in a Q&A session this week in San Jose, as the UFC prepared for its FOX card tonight in the California city. Le is still recovering from surgery to remove bone spurs in his elbow, but according to a report from MMA Junkie.com, he acknowledged that a bout with Silva could be a classic.

“Of course, he’s pound-for-pound the greatest, and just to be inside the octagon with him would be an honor for me. And I think matchup-wise, my standup is pretty good, and his standup is really high-level. I think that would be a very fun fight not only for myself but for the fans.”

A humble Le also added that Silva might “kick his ass nine times out of ten”, but that as any fan knows, “anything can happen” in this crazy sport.

So, will a fight between two of MMA’s greatest strikers materialize? The odds would seem to be against it, even if the jaw-dropping-bout would make both men and the promotion a ton of cash.

Although Le is coming off wins over Patrick Cote and Rich Franklin, you likely remember the victory over Franklin, he isn’t currently ranked in the UFC middleweight division’s top ten. Silva is also scheduled to fight Chris Weidman on July 6th, and the push for a “super fight” between Silva and Georges St. Pierre continues.

But, this is a sport where Chael Sonnen was tapped for a title shot with Jon Jones, despite having not fought at light-heavyweight in several years. In other words, money has a funny way of kicking rankings to the curb.


(Photo credit: Scott Petersen / MMA Weekly.com)