With the middleweight title fight stealing nearly all the attention, I feel that certain fighters’ success last night has been “swept under the rug”. One of which being the 3rd round TKO victory scored by Cub Swanson over German striker Dennis Siver. Cub Swanson, previously ranked 5th in the division, scored his 5th win in a row since his last loss. With an increasingly competitive featherweight division, Swanson has been looking for the right victory to get a bit of spot-light on his name in hopes of getting an anticipated title shot. Could this “beautiful destruction” of Dennis Siver be the key to unlocking the shot at the title, or will Cub be stored away for yet another top-contender match up?

When you look at the featherweight division, it’s a lot like trying to solve a Rubic’s Cube. So many top contenders deserving of high-ranked opponents, yet not everyone is going to get their piece of the pie; someone has to get the short end, and for Cub Swanson, he’s received that too many times. For example: Cub Swanson was actually scheduled to face Dennis Siver earlier this year, but when Siver had to pull out, top ranked competitor Dustin Poirier filled the bill. After Swanson unanimously out-scored Poirier in an exciting bout, the fight with Dennis Siver was rescheduled. You would think after beating a guy like Poirier (a very respected and elite opponent) that Swanson would surpass Siver in hopes for a top 3 ranked opponent, but instead, he faced the dangerous striker and put on a clinic.

Now that Swanson is long deserving of his title shot, are we so sure that he’ll get it? In the post-fight interview, Swanson stated that he needs the fans to be on his side. So, Swanson-ettes, let’s rally and try to get Swanson that long over-due title shot. If he doesn’t get it, Swanson risks losing his golden 5-fight win streak. With guys like Anthony Pettis, Frankie Edgar, Chad Mendes, and Ricardo Lamas all packed nice and tight in the rankings, the chances of Swanson surpassing them unfortunately seems unrealistic. But we can only hope that Swanson’s effort and success will be present after this spectacular win, and that Swanson will score his long over-due title shot.