(Props: lafenixtv) Whenever MMA fighters do a media segment where they’re supposed to beat up the host, they usually hold back a bit to avoid a lawsuit. (Unless we’re talking about Alistair Overeem sparring with a female reporter. Then, it’s…well, you know.) So it’s pretty damn hilarious to see UFC featherweight title contender Anthony Pettis going close to 100% on the stunt-comedy team La Fenix, as he does in the video above. We’ve tabbed out the highlights for your convenience… 0:00-0:20: The fat guy on the left. I can’t look away. 1:05: Bro in the hat and shades gets kicked in the ass. Hard. 1:15: Victim #2 explains that it’s his dream to get punched in the face. Anthony punches him in the face. Real hard. When the victim regains his senses, he says, Jose Aldo, you are so fucked up. Oh boy. That’s grounds for a treason charge in Brazil. 1:52: We see that the fat guy has a lazy eye and braces. He gets kicked in the belly…twice. Jesus, man. This wasn’t part of the deal. 3:25: Pettis jams a turning side-kick into a guy rolled up in bubble-wrap. 3:52: Pettis starts to beat the ever-loving shit out of the guy rolled up in bubble-wrap. 4:06: For a moment, I begin to feel bad for the guy rolled up in bubble-wrap. 4:27: This beating is still going on? Unbelievable. 5:08: The moment you’ve all been waiting for ”” the Showtime Kick. 5:59: Holy sheetzch.