Photo credit: David Banks - USA TODAY Sports
Photo credit: David Banks – USA TODAY Sports

When Anthony Pettis was set to fight Jose Aldo many of you fight fans felt the instant gratification that a super fight like Jones-Silva or GSP-Silva would bring. “Showtime” is a flashy kicker who has some of the best finishing moves at 155-pounds. Can he convert his crazy, crowd pleasing moves down to the featherweight division against Aldo?

Pettis (16-2, 8-2 UFC) is coming off one of the best performances of his career, when he became the first man to stop Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone with strikes less than three minutes into the first round at UFC on FOX 6 “Johnson vs. Dodson”.

Showtime says he not only has an insane kick off the cage worth a billion YouTube hits in his arsenal, he’s also got another move that nobody has seen before. He shares his secret in a recent interview with Fuel TV.

“A 540-hook kick, I’ve been working on it, to master in mixed martial arts,” he says. “I’m close.”

How could you not remember when Pettis went off the wall and kicked the current champion Benson Henderson across the face? Now imagine that with a rotation of 540 degrees. When Showtime squares off with Aldo for the 145-pound championship on August 3, 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil , there’s a good chance that the lightning speed of the champ can negate any Bruce Lee-like moves Pettis tries to pull off in the Octagon.

Aldo (22-1, 12-0 UFC) is one of the best and most beloved fighters in the UFC, and he isn’t so bad at chucking kicks himself. Aldo has not only shown instantaneous finishing ability, he’s also shown the ability to go five hard rounds. Not many have been able to withstand the onslaught of “Junior.”  If so, their legs look like huge slabs of bruised meat.

Before Pettis decided he wanted to challenge the champion in the division below, he was well on his way to being number one contender at lightweight. Considering the last man to defeat Henderson was Pettis, it makes you wonder if Showtime loses to Aldo, does he also lose his opportunities at lightweight? In the past three UFC pay-per-views, two challengers, Nick Diaz and Chael Sonnen, were coming off losses, and Antonio Silva was previously defeated by Cain Velasquez in round one. So is Pettis perhaps in a “no lose” situation moving down to face the featherweight titleholder? Even with a loss he is still a viable contender in the lightweight category whether he wins or loses against Jose Aldo.

Find out who emerges victorious in August, when the Octagon reaches Brazil for the eighth time.