Brazilian MMA site spoke recently to pound for pound king Anderson Silva as the middleweight champ discussed potential super fights and his thoughts on Jon Jones and Georges St. Pierre.

Silva on Georges St-Pierre: “I did not see his last fight, but I think [he is] a great strategist. Fight’s within the rules. It is nothing too abnormal. He’s a complete guy, but he struggles with the very rule of the sport. He knows how to use… the rules [well].”

Silva on a potential bout with Jones on UFC’s 20-year-anniversary card in November: “Look … If I live until then … (laughs). But I think so. Anything can happen. But I think it’s possible to happen, yes. I have to train, you know, to make a great show for the fans.”

If Jones is to get past Chael Sonnen this month, and Silva is able to get past Chris Weidman in July, a super fight between the two targeted for November is possible. With Johny Hendricks undoubtedly earning his shot at St. Pierre, and the fight most likely being booked late in 2013, Jones/Silva seems more likely than Silva/St. Pierre. Let’s see if the UFC is able to deliver and set up some fantasy matchups.