Not just a blog, MMALinker is a constantly evolving hub of Mixed Martial Arts knowledge. At the time of publication, there are 220,372 registered members, 95,982 unique topics, and 2,145,233 individual posts in our forum.  Currently, there are sixteen separate forums, ranging from MMA Discussion to Off Topic, with several other unique options that fall somewhere in the middle. Read on to learn more about our not-so-little community of MMA obsessives and be sure to register for your own free account if you don’t already have one.

The Videos

Ask any of our long-term members —some of whom have been active since 2007–and they’ll tell you it was our videos section that initially drew them to ‘Linker. With a wealth of Mixed Martial Arts videos that span every era of the sport, MMALinker became many MMA Fan’s #1 choice for catching up on past fights, experiencing new ones, and rediscovering the greats.

Signature Betting and Games

Like most internet forums, MMA Linker allows its users to append a unique signature at the bottom of each user’s posts. “Sigs”, along with a member’s avatar, quickly become the best and quickest way to identify someone’s posts. And what’s better than putting your signature on the line in the hopes of a little friendly humiliation at the expense of a fellow ‘Linker?

In this forum, you can find various sig-betting tournaments, sig-betting championships, sig-betting records and an easy guide to help get you started. We currently have two moderators dedicated to running our Signature Betting and Games forum; the Mikes — IrishMike and 420Mike. Both will happily answer any questions a new (or old) member may have.


In the past, MMALinker had its own rankings committee that was made up of several of the website’s most knowledgeable members. However, with the amount of feedback the team would receive each month, both positive and negative, the decision was made to open up the rankings section to every member of the community.

The Rankings section allows any member to set their own MMA rankings and view the rankings of their fellows.

Upcoming Events & FightWiki

No Mixed Martial Arts website is complete without a comprehensive list of upcoming events. After all, it’s the fights, themselves, that drew us to ‘Linker in the first place. Set up chronologically, the list links to each event’s dedicated FightWiki page — another unique feature of MMALinker.

FightWiki houses information on fighters, events, organizations, fighting styles and much more. Constantly growing, FightWiki is a great place to start, or expand upon, your Mixed Martial Arts education.

The Blog

If you’re reading this, you’ve stumbled upon MMALinker’s newest feature. Currently housing a team of three writers, our blog is a space for editorials, news, and interesting stories about the world of MMA. In the past, MMALinker was home to the Sheep’s Pen, aptly named after one of its original members and the founder of its first blog. While the ‘Pen has since been disbanded, we hope to recreate some of its magic in this new and exciting section. If you have a story idea that you would like to see covered, email one of our writers and let us know.

Got some feeback for the website? Head over to our Feedback and Assistance forum and leave a message for our moderators.